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Peep Baby offer a stylish alternative to breastfeeding covers.
With our covers for breastfeeding, nursing covers have never been so easy to wear.

  • A beautiful v-neck depth to ensure eye contact with baby.
  • Available in 3 generous sizes, with the large fitting up to size 18
  • Small - length from shoulder to bottom hem 25 in by 37 wide.
  • Medium - length from shoulder to bottom hem 27 in by 40 wide.
  • Large - length from shoulder to bottom hem 29 in by 43 wide.
  • A double side opening kangaroo pocket. 
  • A beautiful curved hem, specifically shaped to keep your hands free.
  • Gives all the coverage you need, front, back and sides.
  • No time is wasted with adjusting knots, straps or fasteners like many other nursing tops.

The Peep Baby Nursing Cover, is made in England from 100% soft jersey cotton and is fully machine washable, making it an ideal nursing cover for mums and babies.

The Peep Baby Nursing Cover is beautifully designed with a hem specifically shaped for maxium discretion when feeding baby.  The Peep Baby Nursing Cover comes in three popular sizes, Small, Medium and Large, as we do not think that one size "fits all comfortably".

Important Message to all Parents/Carers: Do not use the Peep Baby Nursing Cover as a baby blanket or a stroller cover. Do not leave the baby unattended with the Nursing Cover at anytime.

When the baby is fussy and apparently hungry, the last thing you want to do is delay the feeding by getting yourself situated for the experience.  These nursing covers allow you to move the baby under the cover and to your breast without clipping, strapping or even holding additional material.  It is possible to start feeding the baby in as little as a few seconds without worry of your cover slipping or falling off.  Both you and baby will appreciate the beauty of worry-free expedited feeding with plenty of coverage all round.

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About our baby nursing covers

After having our second child I was determined to carry on breastfeeding in public places with confidence but could not find suitable nursing covers that were easy to use, or did not draw attention. I didn’t want anything bulky or awkward, I required a breastfeeding cover that is modest and covers my entire upper body. 

This made me think that covers for breastfeeding shouldn't be overly complicated and inspired me to design the Peep Baby Breastfeeding Cover

Having did my research, in between raising two young boys, I noticed there was a gap in the market for covers for breastfeeding.  I decided to design my own garment, one that would be stylish and chic as well as being practical for Mum. I designed two sizes S/M and M/L, rather than the common one size which never seemed to fit, a range of attractive colours and, more importantly, sourced the right quality of material in the UK for baby to breathe and move freely.

A great gift for new mums

The end result is the Peep Baby Cover, which are available in four popular colours, black, navy, mocha and olive green.  This is an essential breastfeeding cover for any Mum.  It provides great security, privacy and most of all the freedom to breastfeed anywhere, anytime and to publicly celebrate the gift of Motherhood.

A  stylish breastfeeding cover. Lets new mums get back into their favourite clothes whilst still doing the best for their babies and using quality covers for breastfeeding. Comfortably feed your baby no matter where you are!

We hope you enjoy wearing the Peep Baby Nursing Cover! Why not send us your comments... click here to email Peep Baby.